Anderson Sod Farm

This site is our primary location for flying sailplanes.   The site is a large unimproved sod farm field.

Electric, glow, and gas-powered models are allowed.  However, due to the unimproved nature of this field wet fuel-powered models fly primarily at Quarry Field.

Turbine-powered models are not allowed at this field. 


The Anderson sod farm is located west of the Outagamie airport on Hwy BB (Winnegammie Drive).  From Hwy 41, take Prospect Ave. west 5.5 miles to the Anderson Sod Farm.  Since it is a large vast open area, the nearest point of reference is the gun club located on the north side of the road.  The flying field is about another 1/4 mile on the south side of the road.  Please note the frequency pinboard and porta potty near one of the approaches.  Please park on the SOUTH shoulder of Winnegamie Drive.  Do not walk onto the field if there is frost because it will kill the grass.  Take care in walking on the field to not make impressions during wet conditions.

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