The club’s beginnings go back to the early 40’s when friends flew free flight models on a local airport property on Ballard Road near where the former Ray-O-Vac plant now stands. Control line models became popular as well. As the technology evolved to radio control, members began to fly models that could be controlled by the pilot on the ground. Free flight models are still flown to a lesser extent both indoors during the winter and outdoors in the summer. The current area of growth is electric powered models that emit almost no noise, which allows them to be flown at more locations including indoor arenas and public parks. Since the beginning, the club has had members who have excelled. Some of the distinguished member accomplishments during the late 90s were:

  • Dave Beck was awarded two world records for altitude and distance using solar – electric powered models.
  • Jeff Seymour developed the world’s most efficient (93%) and powerful (52pounds of thrust) miniature turbine engine. Currently in use by NASA, The U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy.
  • Bob Johnson won a National Championship for 3 function radio controlled gliders. Lee Murray earned several Wisconsin Championships for radio-controlled gliders.
  • The father and son team of Dale and Colin Hildebrandt won several regional contests for radio controlled pylon racers.

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